Adam Blake Irvine Scholarship fund

 Metropolitan Community Church of the Lehigh Valley established and endowed the Adam Blake Irvine Memorial Scholarship for transgender students at Northampton Community College. In 2018-19, MCCLV raised $30,000 to fund the scholarship in memory of beloved Adam.

Adam Blake Irvine was a curious, kind, talented and funny person who was dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Adam found satisfaction in discovering new ideas, information and experiences. Their greatest joy was engaging in thoughtful and provocative discourse about all subjects. Adam truly enjoyed the excitement of discovering new things, whether it was a treasure uncovered while metal detecting, or bidding on obsolete and valuable technology at auction. Adam was a loving, gentle and exceptionally intelligent person who loved family above all. Adam’s sweet smile and trenchant humor are missed everyday by all who loved them.

In addition to the financial, social, emotional and medical challenges many transgender youth face, they are often without sufficient family or community support as they travel through the education process. Adam's own aspirations were perpetually thwarted by the constraints imposed by our society upon anyone who is transgender. Adam was unable to overcome their own internal and external obstacles and left us far too early.  It is the intent of Adam Blake Irvine Memorial scholarship to acknowledge students who are continuing to face such barriers, and to provide them a measure of financial assistance. Adam would have been honored to be able to help others to pursue their dreams, especially in furthering their education.

To donate to the fund or to apply for the scholarship, contact Northampton Community College for more information, 610.861.5300 or