Outreach and Justice Ministry

Outreach & Justice Ministry


Howard Peters-Strickland serves as MCCLV's Outreach & Justice Ministry Coordinator. He coordinates MCCLV's homeless ministry, Pride Festival outreach, mission team and other church outreaches.  For more information contact HowardPetersStrickland@mcclv.info 

Silent Witness Peacekeepers


 MCCLV sponsors the Lehigh Valley chapter of Silent Witnesses. Their goal is to provide support and protection for those attending LGBT activities  such as Pride celebrations, speakers, movie showings, etc. Silent Witnesses protect participants in these activities from anti-LGBT protestors in a non-violent manner. This chapter also provides training for those who wish to become Peacekeepers. The ministry is coordinated by Steve Weiss. For more information contact info@mcclv.info 

Pennsylvania United for Background Checks


MCCLV's Board of Directors recently affirmed the church signing on to the "Declaration of Principles" of the Pennsylvanians United for Background Checks organization:

Declaration of Principles

Pennsylvania United for Background Checks is a campaign comprised of organizations and community partners across the Commonwealth that share the goal of expanding, strengthening and improving the background check system for firearms purchases. Whereas: 

  • Reducing gun violence is a responsibility we all share; 

  • The most effective way to reduce gun violence is to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them; 

  • Federal and Pennsylvania law in combination prohibit the sale to or possession of firearms by certain dangerous "Prohibited Purchasers" including convicted felons, domestic abusers, and people with specific kinds of mental health histories; 

  • Background checks are a commonsense and effective measure that require sellers to first ascertain whether a buyer is listed on a database of Prohibited Purchasers before completing a firearms transfer; 

  • Federal law only pertains to federally licensed firearms dealers whose business is selling firearms, who must conduct background checks for all of their firearm sales; 

  • It is left to States to regulate sales of firearms by Private or Unlicensed Sellers, and Pennsylvania law only requires background checks for handgun sales by such sellers; 

  • This creates a dangerous loophole in Pennsylvania whereby Private Sellers may legally sell long guns, including shotguns, rifles, and semi-automatic assault-type weapons without conducting a background check; 

  • Private sales represent a large number of firearms sales and occur through many venues including gun shows, yard sales, and private arrangements made through the internet; 

  • Long guns have been used in 50% of the fatal shootings of PA law enforcement officers since 208, are used disproportionately in the killing of women by their domestic partners, and account for at least 10% of crime guns;

  • Background checks are effective and have already prevented over 2.4 million firearms sales to Prohibited Purchasers nationwide; 

  • Background checks are convenient and fast and do not infringe the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners. We the undersigned therefore support closing Pennsylvania's private sale loophole for long guns by requiring background checks for all firearms transfers. [PA law allows the transfer of firearms between close family members (spouses, parent to child, grandparent to grandchild). PA United is not seeking to change that].